Do what you Love, Love what you do!! Khushma believes in this and lives it to the fullest. She is the latest addition to the Psychic Temples team.

Prior to joining Psychic Temples, Khushma used to work in the Human Resources and Business Development department with few well-known and well-established multinational company handling international clientele and working with big brands around the world.

She was already good with managing people and was always supporting and guiding everyone around her. Various events in her life and one meeting with High Priestess Karishma Shetty, led to this turning point in her life where she realised her calling. Without any delays, she quit her job and immediately joined Psychic Temples full time. She truly believes that this world and it’s being need Spiritual Healing.

Over the past few months, Khushma has learnt different divination skills with Lenormand being her focus. She describes it as, “Unfold Cards, Unfold Facts!” she also assists in organizing day to day activities at Psychic Temples.

Aries (March 21-April 20)
•In terms of love, you need to be careful. You need to know where to draw the line. There are chances that as much as efforts, emotions and feelings that you will invest in your relationship will result not being appreciated and might experience backstabbing. This doesn’t mean you stop being the good lover that you are. It just means that you need to be cautious and love without conditions and expectations. Sometimes our definition of love is different than others.
•In terms of wealth, whatever you are into or will get into, be that a new project, deal or anything that is going to make you money, will be resolved by self or you will unexpectedly receive help from someone. Don’t hesitate to take the help, they are god’s messenger sent for you.
•In terms of health,it is a rollercoaster ride. Some days you will be in your highs and other days in your lows. This isn’t going to bring you any major issues, but it’s always better to be caution than to cry. Take extra care for yourself.
•In terms of career,at work place or if you are into sales and marketing, you will find people who will try to extract extra information from you. Don’t be quick in trusting anyone at work place.
Taurus (April 21-May 20)
•In terms of love, you will experience or might be experiencing some sort of confusion. Whether to go ahead or to close the chapter. This feeling you will be facing for the whole year. You will be in a dilemma and not firm in your decision. Take guidance from an expert, maybe book yourself a session by a life coach or a reading done by an astrologer.
•In terms of wealth, you need to think maturely and practically before you invest your money into anything/anyone. The turns might be an issue here. Be aware, take that extra detailed information before you make your decision.
•In terms of health, if you are facing someissue be that even a minor one, please visit your doctor. Being in pain and suffering alone won’t reduce your pain but might make it critical by each passing day. If you are already under therapy or medication, recommend you to take your medicines on time and have regular check up.
•In terms of career, speak up. If you are facing any issues, talk it out. If you have a new strategy or a plan, discuss. If you keep ideas to yourself, your intelligence will not be recognised.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
•In terms of love, if you are in a relationship or married, it might take time for things to be smooth and blossom into something more beautiful. You need to keep watering your plant and one day your flower will bloom and everyone will have an eye on it. After all, what comes easy, doesn’t last longer. Stay strong, it will be worth it.
•In terms of wealth, if you are planning to start something new on your own or looking for some new opportunity, this year is calling for you. If there is something that has been a hurdle for your progress, this year will make you pass through it smoothly.
•In terms of health, it is going to be in phases. Some days will seem cloudy and some days will be bright. Take that extra time for self care, take time for yourself and have a “Me time”.
•In terms of career, things will be slow for you, but slow and steady you will win the race. This year is going to teach you a lot of thing, especially patience. You will learn a lot of people in different situations. Be adaptive to this phase.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
•In terms of love, you have been in a rough phase from a while now, but this year, it’s coming to an end. All the pain, suffering that you have gone through all the sacrifices and compromises that you have made will all be acknowledged. This year you will overcome all your relationships issues in your married life or live relationship. This year will be smooth sailing.
•In terms of wealth, you would have to plan your expenses, investments and expenditures strategically. A vision board is a good idea for this year.  You need to be extra cautious with your finance this year.
•In terms of health, this year is in pink of things. If you are suffering with some health issue, this year you will recover.Time to say goodbye to all your sufferings. Along with this, don’t take your health lightly, strive to be healthy.
•In terms of career, this year go apply for that job, immigration, overseas job, deal, higher education, project you have been wishing for. Luck is in your favour. Whatever that you lay your hands on, will fall in your bag, no matter what obstacles come your way. An excellent year for your career.
Leo (July 23-Aug 22)
•In terms of love, your relationship, your loved one and your love life is going to be in talks. There are going to be a lot of people who are going to scrutinise your marriage/love life.  There is a lot of Chinese whisper that is happening and going to happen all this year.  Live private, Love privately.
•In terms of wealth, you will find yourself putting in a lot of efforts but the result will be minimal or close to zilch. This doesn’t mean you lose your motivation or that you will not accomplish anything, you will, but slowly and with a lot of mental and physical efforts.
•In terms of health, if you are facing some minor health issues, body pain you will find yourself healing. You will heal for good. Take extra care of what you eat and be physically active.
•In terms of career, you will be achieving great success. Along with being talked about your love life, people will also be discussing your success stories, only the famous and someone who is doing great in their lives are discussed, remember this fact. Be unstoppable.
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
•In terms of love, your relationship will find stability. You will feel loved, valued and respected in your relation. Don’t forget to express gratitude. This year you will be loved and celebrated.
•In terms of wealth, whatever you are doing, be that job or business do it with complete commitment and compassion you will find finance following for you. Love what you do and do what you love. At the same time, take care of your finances. You will earn but at the same time you will also find something standing right in front of you which will require you to put your money to get the work done.
•In terms of health, you will heal. This year everything that you have been, mentally and physically you will receive healing. Something that had left a scar in your life will start to replace with positivity giving you an ability of accepting the fact that whatever happened has left you with a lot of lessons. You will learn to see the good in everything from the past. You are a brave soul!
•In terms of career, you will have to make notes of things you want out of yourself and plan it well for the year. Make a detailed plan. Write where you want to be and what will it take for you to reach there, then execute because it is in you to achieve all that you wish and want to. It’s the will that will make you accomplish your desire.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
•In terms of love, if you are looking for a life partner, this year is in your favour. A new beginning is calling. Something that will give you security.
•In terms of wealth, you need to plan your finance this year, you need to be alert when you plan your finance well, make plans to grow your wealth. Think of a strategy that will help you increase your earning.
•In terms of health, this year you will experience sudden weakness, fatigue or anything that will come unexpectedly. Take care of yours. Health is wealth.
•In terms of career, if you are in your family business you will be doing good and you will get good growth. If you are planning to join your family business you should get into it without a second thought, it will bring you stability in your career. If you are working at some organisation or in some field from couple of years, you will see things working out for you. You will receive appreciation.
Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
•In terms of love, If you are in a relationship already things will move to the next level. Someone who is looking for love, there is possibility of you meeting your life partner.
•In terms of wealth, if you are facing some financial issues or if some sort of money is stuck somewhere chances are this year you will recover it.
•In terms of health, there will be ups and downs. If you are having any sort of illness it will take time to heal there will be slow progress in terms of health issues if there is any, It is recommended that you to take care of your health, eat healthy, be active and get regular body check ups done.
•In terms of career, seems like you have been working too hard to achieve your desire, but it is taking awhile for you to reach your goal. This year you will experience things happening for you smoothly don’t give up keep giving your best this year you will see and experience positive results that you’ve been expecting and thriving towards.
Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)
•In terms of love, If you are in a relationship your relationship will come to a point where you will find stability. If you are searching for love, you will come across someone who is going to be your life partner.
•In terms of wealth, You will be indulging into something new some new beginning is going to come your way this year. Maybe a new job, a new project or maybe getting promoted to a higher designation in your existing company. This year will bring you new opportunities to make money, make sure you grab them.
•In terms of health, If you are facing some sort of health issue for a while now you will find yourself coming out of it bravely. All your suffering from all these years will finally come to an end and you will be healthy and happy. At the same time please make sure you don’t take your health lightly.
•In terms of career, if you are planning for an overseas job this is the year that you can apply for one. You may receive a job offer from an organisation that is based abroad, overseas, out of you current city or country. Migration is in your cards when we talk about career in the year of 2021
Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19)
•In terms of love, this year your love life is going to bloom. You will be loved you will be felt special and valued. If you are looking for a life partner, this year chances are you will find someone who will give you the love you longed for without any conditions attached. Enjoy this phase, you waited enough.
•In terms of wealth, you will find new opportunities and new way of making money. If you are in any project or in a job role that brings you surplus money, you will be rewarded for your efforts with money in ways of incentives or increment.
•In terms of health, you will find yourself healed mentally and physically. You will heal from the past wounds and this year will bring your health to a stable stage.
•In terms of career, no matter what you are currently doing or what comes your way, you will find a way out and things will be in your favour. Go use your luck wisely.
Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
•In terms of love, you seem to have had bitter experiences in your past because of which trusting someone now is a whole new task for you. Release your past as by keeping those experiences in your head and heart you tend to find mistakes in any new person and might attract same situations again and again in your love life. Make space for new things, people, emotions, love and experiences.
•In terms of wealth, there will come new opportunities in your life unexpectedly make sure you grab them. Fame and fortune is definitely there this year for you. You will start something new that will bring you stability and free flow in finance.
•In terms of health, give your health first priority this year. Look after yourself, be good to yourself. If you are facing any health issues already, take extra care. A young lady in your life will be there for you as your strongest support and to take care of you, this can be your better half, sister, sister-in-law, loved one or maybe your female doctor who is below 30 years of her age.
•In terms of career, year 2020 has been a disaster for most of us in terms of job and career moves, 2021 is coming as a saviour for you. All that you have been through, this year you will find things falling in place.
Pisces (February 20-March 20)
•In terms of love, you will be around a lot of choices this year, be that marriage proposals, meeting new people who will approach you with their feelings for you. If you are married, you will find that spark of being loved in multiple occasions but all that is required from you is to recognise andacknowledge your loved one’s efforts.
•In terms of wealth, everything that you have been working on for a while now, will start falling in place and bring stability in your finances.
•In terms of health, if you are facing some health issues from a while now, the recovery will be slow but will be there and the improvement will be in progress thereafter.
•In terms of career, there has been a lot of effort that you are putting from a while in your job/work but you aren’t getting the response or result or reward that you are expecting, but this year you will receive all of them. Things will be working out for you. You will cross all the hurdles smoothly as by now you are ready with past experiences.