EduTalks, an education webinar series by AIMRI conducted in association with EFFISM, discusses an important topic – “Is hybrid education the new future?”

After garnering great response for its past webinars, AIMRI, in association with EFFISM, conducted another inspiring EduTalks Session to discuss a crucial topic – Is Hybrid Education the New Future? on the 18th of September, Friday at 10 AM (DUBAI), 11:30 AM (IST).

The webinar was hosted by Ms. Niya Roy, Vice President of Aries Group of Companies, and featured Dr. Alka Kalra, Founder and Director of Eduscan Institute and licensed Psychologist, life reformist & speaker; and Dr. B Anirudhan, Principal, Nehru Arts and Science College, India as panelists.

The education sector is one such community that has been hit hard by the COVID 19, leading to the closure of the physical schools and colleges. Students are now switching over from the traditional mode of learning to the new era of Online Education / Remote Learning, which has its own sets of pros and cons. Interestingly, the concept of Online learning was always there, but it has now gained prevalence due to Pandemic. As the world is switching towards a new era of Hybrid Education, the panelists put forth their thoughts to help the audience understand if Hybrid Education will become the New Future for the education industry.

The much enlightening session was appreciated by a broad audience and was, as always, kept up the quality and credibility of EduTalks conducted by AIMRI to date.

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