Right from the streets of Dharavi, Abdul Rahemaan Shaikh aka D Abdul, a 17 year old rapper has come a long way marking his presence on the digital world. D Abdul’s YouTube channel has crossed 200k subscribers in such a short span and on an average benches more than 1 million views on his videos.

Having the zest for rhyming, shayaris and poems since childhood, D Abdul took his hobby seriously for inheriting a career at such an early age. The young rapper’s simple and attachable style of rapping makes him people’s favourite.

He says, “Rapping started as a passion, turned hobby, and now a career prospect. It gives me a surreal feeling when people show so much love and adulation to my work. It motivates me to make more good videos and put more efforts at minimum cost. It’s thrill!”

He has also make a video titled Hogi Jeet to motivate people in this dire need of an hour of Covid-19 pandemic that too garnered tremendous love from the audience.

We wish him much luck and success ahead.

Take a look at his channel here: