Whether you switch on your tv or browse through social media, the first thing you watch is the news about the deadly coronavirus and how it is a threat to mankind: This is ending up creating a lot of chaos, panic, and anxiety amongst people.

So Dr. Naavnidhi k Wadhwa at this difficult time to provide you with a Transformational program to train your subconscious mind to achieve peace and help you reach your desired goals in life.

Over the period of the 7-day program, through methods of NLP, She will provide you with daily tools, techniques, and secrets that are used by thousands of my mentees every day to live with the lifestyle of spiritual and financial activation.

This is not a boring pre-recorded course. These sessions will be conducted live. Yes, you heard that right! 7 Day 7 Live Interactive Sessions with Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa.

Why join the 7-Day Transformation Lockdown Program?

  1. Guided Neurological Transformational Techniques
  2. Use of Best of Modalities like NLP, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Affirmations, Goal Setting & many more.
  3. Clear All Subconscious Blocks, Painful Memories and Limiting Beliefs.
  4. Learning the Science of Manifestations

Fast Result Techniques for Abundant Mindset.

Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa is a NLP Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fashion designer,Certified for Psychology of Eating, Food & Nutrition Planner, Food & Health Coach. Law of Attraction Expert. She has helped thousands of people around the globe transform their health, relationships and financial statuses through her live events, workshops, personal coaching and Whatsapp programs.