The one who got cornered due to the poem controversy is an impeccably decent and richly talented man the business world has ever witnessed

It is being doubted that behind the controversy related to the Indian entrepreneur Mr. Sohan Roy’s short poem in Malayalam that shook UAE in the past few days, are a few Malayalis with twisted interests. No person or organization that has rightly comprehended Roy’s character, will be able to testify these grave allegations raised upon him. He is also a Hollywood Director, who has been efficiently running worldwide business based in the UAE for the past 22 years striving towards the success of his business along with the growth of the UAE and the Indian economy. He is someone who made a bond for setting aside 50{2cb06f42ddc66cf70b5932cd822494d08be813b22fe747a0a6773f2305a2978c} of his assets for his employees and implemented accurate payment, yearly increment, pension, and monthly profit share for them. He is continuing to provide full payment without laying off anyone even in this crucial period of COVID-19. Even after being the CEO of a business conglomerate of 53 companies spread around 16 countries and getting his name entered in the Forbes list, Sohan Roy is someone who has always avoided accompanying privileges, setting an example for entrepreneur’s as a model employer. He believes right from the CEO to the office boy, work rules at the office are equal for everyone hence every employee must follow them without disparity.

He is the only Businessman in the world who gives away money saved from traveling for business trips in economy class and by avoiding unnecessary extravagance, as pension to the Parents of Employees. Alongside, he also succeeded in helping poor and studious children in pursuing a quality education and reaching heights.

In UAE alone, he was able to open job opportunities for approximately thousand people and provided the best pay in respected job criteria along with job security. Along with this, he was also able to make five of his business ventures gain the top most position in their respective fields on the basis of an increase in efficiency.

With an aim to make the value of 1$=1Rupee, a successful research project which Roy conducted as a part of his Industrial Doctorate, he kick-started a community of Indian entrepreneurs called Indywood Billionaires Club and a U.S.D 10 Billion worth project Indywood, both of which are still functioning efficiently.

By giving away his own house for COVID treatment and by being the first to deliver necessary ventilators, his charity services stood out. 100s of needy families were also relocated and houses were constructed for those who got affected by natural calamities in Nepal, Chennai, and Kerala.

In 2016, he was acknowledged with the award for the best employer in India for demonstrating his commitment towards human values in his companies.

His first directorial venture “DAM 999” for Warner Brothers, contended for the Oscars and received 5 selections in 3 categories, making him the first director to enter Hollywood from the Middle East and UAE. Recognizing his directorial skills, he was presented with around 50 international awards.

He is also the author of 6 literature works including a script and novel which gained a place in Oscar library and “Anu Mahakaavyam” which comes under epic poem category. Choosing current affairs as a topic, he has been writing and releasing haikus on a daily basis for the past two and half years in a 4 line Poem based Internet Troll or “Poetroll” form along with suiting graphics and music. He has written a total of 875 Poetrolls that stands out in the postmodern literary Field.

He has also founded many mega youth festivals and talent hunts in the UAE which eventually helped many talented individuals to become a part of the movie world. He is also the only representative from the UAE in the “Emmy Award” committee, which is considered as the Oscar of the television arena.

Sohan Roy is a true patriot who wholeheartedly accepts the leadership of Modi even though he has been a left ideologist since school days and Proved to implement that ideology in own life.

He is a down to earth person who can be named as a true secularist, who does not exhibit any kind of religious inclination, which is clearly evident even in his name.  This is a period when the world has joined hands to work unanimously against the pandemic, and when he came to know that several religious preachers are trying to congregate their respective followers in various regions , he wrote a poem on the issue without pinpointing any particular religion. The graphic designer who was working from India failed to get the true essence of the poem and unintentionally related it to the Nizamuddin issue which was going on at that point in time using the corresponding graphics and uploaded it on social media handles from India. Due to lack of time, the control of his social media accounts has been entitled to the media team operating in India itself. Since the graphical representation was a result of misinterpretation, Roy immediately took action and removed the post from all social media handles. Later, he also apologized, taking the entire moral responsibility of the issue through his Facebook post.


We truly hope that the controversy which has resurfaced again after two weeks of deleting the post in Malayalam exclusively meant of Malayalees,  with a clear intention of crucifying and defaming a selfless person on social media, without comprehending the actual fact of nothing wrong with lines, but with graphics, does not create a forever black mark on Malayalees and Indians in general.