I would like to begin with that most times people write an open letter is because it is a complaint or rant against a hospital or doctor.
However in these disheartening times of the pandemic i am writing this letter as my faith in humanity and the doctors Hippocrates oath has been restored .
On Diwali day my father Dr.Basant Kumar Sharma who is a  76 year old water technologist
complained of breathlessness and a runny nose.
The family assumed that he could possibly have Covid. However being Diwali night and a weekend he did not want to go to the hospital so we decided that we will take him on monday morning. On monday when he had sudden water retention in his feet and severe breathlessness we rushed him to the emergency ward of a well know private hospital in khar. I was disgusted by the attitude of the doctor on duty and the meducal staff. They left my father on a wheelchair and were busy talking amomg themselves. They put him on oxygen finally and then took his ECG, but even before the reports could come they said they have no ICU beds and we would have to find a bed elsewhere. Once we got his ECG my friend who was with me sent a photo of the ECG to Dr.Kirti Punamiya who immediately said that my father had suffered a massive heart attack.
He asked us to rush him to Breach Candy hospital in an ambulance with oxygen on. When we got to the hospital i was amazed ar the kind of emergency response the entire Breach Candy hospital team had set up waiting for my farhers arrival. There were 12 EMS medical staff ready along with Dr.Kirti Punamiya. The next 3 hours they performed emergency medical procedures on my father and stabilised him totally. Had we not reached Breach Candy and had these emergency procedures not done we would have lost my father. The next 5 days were like out of a movie for me. A complicated Angioplasty using a shockwave balloon was done next day under the very capable hands of Dr.Punamiya and my father was then admitted in ICU for the next 4 days. Each staff member was so thoroughly professional and polite and at times strict when required. It was truly heartening to see my father literally be pulled from the jaws of death .
Dr.Punamiya after hearing about my fathers background and understanding that there was no medical insurance waived of 60{2cb06f42ddc66cf70b5932cd822494d08be813b22fe747a0a6773f2305a2978c} of his fees . The medical director Dr.Geeta Koppikar also has further made a request to the Trustees for a concession. Dr.Punamiyas positive attitude instilled hope in the entire family. He promised that he will have my father walk out of the hospital and he truly did live up to his promise. He literally changed poison into medecine.

I feel truly blessed to have encountered such selfless and fantastic medical professionals.
Hats of to Breach Candy Hospital , Dr.Punamiya and to all the selfless medical professionals who work tirelessly night and day.
Deepest gratitude from my heart .
With gratitude
Sidharth Sharma