Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla complaint to the Hon’ble Prime Minister that Delhi Police is not taking appropriate actions in the FIR against Kotak Mahindra Bank

Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla has represented and put the complaint to the Hon’ble Prime Minister vide letter dated 14.04. 2019, that Delhi Police is not taking appropriate actions in the FIR 0120/2019 which was registered on 19.10.2019 with various documents and evidences which are to be recovered from Kotak Mahindra Bank. Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla has been stuck in Delhi and has been suffered from COVID -19 and was on ventilator for 45 days taking the advantage of this Kotak Mahindra Bank is managing the system and no action has yet been taken against them.

It is to be noted that earlier also the Prime Minister office had instructed the Banking Secretary and RBI to take necessary actions against Kotak Mahindra bank and like this The President, The Vice President and various higher authorities had also sought actions against Sh. Uday Suresh Kotak and others but since the Kotak Mahindra Bank has managed the system and manipulated so no actions has been taken. Dr. Bagla has been harassed through their henchmen so he had to be shifted from Mumbai to Delhi and then to Kolkata.

All these were narrated to Prime Minister by him. On examining, The Prime Minister office directly had instructed to the office of Dr. Eish Singhal, the DCP of New Delhi District to take appropriate actions against the accused.  The directions passed by the Magistrate through which FIR was lodged was ignored by Delhi Police.  Since, Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla was hospitalized due to Covid – 19 for 2 months and now totally recovered, he shall take up all these again to higher authorities. Further aggrieved of all the happenings  in the FIR 0120/2019 in PS Barakhamba Road registered against the Kotak Mahindra Bank and its officials, Bagla’s have moved an application U/s 156(3) Cr.P.C. for monitoring by the court in FIR 0120/2019 and the same was allowed on 26.08.2020.

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