Jayasurya has released the first look poster of the movie “Mmmm” on his Facebook page. The movie which is produced by Sohan Roy in the banner of Aries Group, is directed by Vijeesh Mani. Famous football player I.M Vijayan plays an important character in this movie which is portrayed in an international scenario. Director Vijeesh Mani says that the character entitled for I.M Vijayan is so unique that it has got the potential to rewrite his future in the film industry. Nanjiyamma, who got famous after her debut work in Ayyappanum Koshiyum, is writing and singing the songs which has a local touch to it. Junaid Muhammad is the Music Director.  Famous American musician, Edon Molla, who is a well known singer, lyricist and music director, has also written songs and sung in the movie. Edon, who works alongside Grammy Award winning musicians, has got his music used by New York’s Brooklyn Marathon, in Europe’s, several of America’s independent movies and radio stations. Eden’s first music album “Alone” had reached millions of people on social media platforms in just a period of 4 months. This is Edon’s first work in an international movie. Producers have shared that, seeing the novelty and concepts of the movie’s subject, Edon took the step to come forward and become a part of the movie.

Initial plan was to shoot the first few schedules of the movie in international locations in the month of May. That is when the pandemic struck and the shoot got relocated to India. Various international artists are also becoming a part of this movie, which is aiming for a global platform and is getting portrayed on a large platform. The movie’s shoot started on June 5, world environment day and its essence sheds light on how lessons to save the environment takes a new turn. The crew also claims this movie strongly gives out the message that, to maintain nature’s balance and save it from fatal disasters, we should treat earth as mother, nature as father and the environment as Guru.

Director has announced the participation of Hollywood actors as well in the movie. He also added that, he finds it an honour to work with Sohan Roy, who gifted an international movie like DAM 999 to the world. He has received various acclamations like Guinness record for movie in tribal language, Guinness record for fastest scriptwriting and theatre release, last year’s Indian Panorama along with various national and international awards.

Director of the Hollywood movie DAM 999 and poet DR. Sohan Roy, has been a part of movie fraternity in the roles of producer, project designer, scriptwriter as well as an actor. He has also received various international acclamations including Guinness World Records. Prakash Vadikkal has written the screenplay for Vijeesh Mani’s script in the movie.