Livid at the false malafide news of an alleged arrest and malicious rumours  connecting him to Tollywood drug scandal  being spread in a bid to defame him,  actor-entrepreneur Sachiin Joshi is suing self-proclaimed critic KRK and Spotboye among others who are responsible for spreading this vicious false news.
Joshi who landed in Mumbai from abroad was called for questioning in a totally unrelated case to Hyderabad. The actor who was rushing to Goa to be with his wife Urvashi Sharma and kids to herald her birthday at their Resort had to delay the celebrations by a day, and recorded the statement and left to meet his family.
Sachiin Joshi’s legal counsel stated, “Certain malicious elements are trying to defame our client by putting out false stories in the media. Anyone who supports such elements will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law. Our defamation notices to KRK and Spotboye will be a strict warning to anyone who tries to defame our client with malfide intent.
“The statement was in a completely unrelated manner.
To connect his name to any drug scandal is not only defamatory, but also completely false an incorrect and has been spread with malicious intent.”

Joshi, in the meantime, is on his way to Goa spend quality time with his family. Never mind the detractors!