For more than 70-years, Indian film has been known by its narrow genre – Bollywood. Now things have changed for the better. The diversity is reflecting on different genre of films now with many new crops of filmmakers making their foray into the world of cinema with great vigour and this is great!

The young Abdul Karim Sheikh a.k.a Karan is a dynamic youngster churning out new ideas with a moral story. He wishes to be known as commended and compelling filmmaker.

Living up to the challenge, Abdul Karim Sheikh is all geared up to command attention with his edgy stories crafted with fascinating portraits. His maiden venture “The Android Phone”, has a strong storytelling that drives the film.

Many juries believed and have also voiced at various film festivals that the future of cinema does not rely on box office success at the ticket windows but in digital space.

“Watching films on various complex subjects that connects with one’s life are always interesting and encouraging. Technicals: resolutions, light, sensivitity, colour and dynamic range of storytelling is a film directors’ approach to managing creativity and stimulating on the celluloid,” says  Abdul Karim Sheikh.

 “The Android Phone” talks about how it has widened the gap between human emotions and their personal needs and requirements. Invasion of technology is good but it needs utmost attention of children who are deprived by friends, physical sports & games and working parents who are too busy to understand the lives of their wards who sails through the unwarranted peripherals.

Abdul Karim Sheikh has travelled through the rough paths. By associating himself with film trade journals, he liked to pen lyrics in his earlier age. As destiny would have it, he found himself saddled as the assistant with various directors from 2007 in various television serials like “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”, “Balika Badhu”, “Simply Sapne”, “Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar”, “Janani”,  “Pyar Ka Bandhan” and so on. “I am lucky to have worked with all these veteran and talented directors,” adds Abdul Karim Sheikh.

Now under his banner of K.Q. Films he is all geared to set into motion his dream venture “The Android Phone” as the writer-producer-director. The pre-production work for the film in all departments is in progress. Ashok Anchan is designing the project as its executive producer and also as its media and marketing head.