Due to the lockdown for the last 40 days, people have a big problem of eating and drinking due to the Corona virus. Many people have stopped earning due to the shutdown of work. Due to this, they do not even have money to eat. * Mahashakti Charitable Trust * came forward to help such people. They are making arrangements for food and drink for the needy people. Today, ‘Corona Fighter’ youth leaders are getting Vishal Bhagat introduced.

Vishal Bhagat is a businessman for money, but he loves to do social service. Due to Vishal Bhagat lockdown, he decided to help the poor people with his team of 20 people. Now, along with his team, he is feeding about 250 to 300 people daily in Mumbai.

Vishal Bhagat said that these are people who are homeless. They live on the streets. He could not see those people starving. He said that the above has given him a lot. So they are using it for a good cause. Rekha Tirupathi

While his team distributes food on one side, it also makes people aware of social distancing. The other members of the team, Sikander Sahu, Anil Bhai, Raju Bhai, Das Bhai, Sikander Sahu, Sanjay Sharma, Pintu Gupta, Mithilesh Singh, Joshep, told that the crowd gathered when they reached with food, sometimes with pea cheese and sometimes with cholabatura. is. Three people do the work of distributing food and the remaining people stand at a distance of one meter and make lines.

Sikander Sahu team gets up early in the morning. These people bring pulses, rice and vegetables from the wholesalers. The community cooks food in the kitchen and then in different areas, food distribution arrangements have been made to the people under the leadership of Pankaj Chaudhary in Colaba, like Anushka Chauhan in Ambuj Wadi Malvani, Matha Jetty by Nandan Singh. In Ganpat Patil Nagar Dahisar, Naveen Mishra distributes food to the people daily. While cooking, full care is taken care of, home made mask, hand gloss, head pay cap, and social distress are taken care of, let me tell you that Mahashakti Charitable Trust has taken permission from the metropolitan municipality, the administration With permission. Serving people continuously since last 40 days.

Vishal Bhagat told that he is able to do this work with the help of BMC and administration, now other people are also contacting him so that they can also come and help in this noble cause.